The Nail Polish Diaries

Having a massive collection of sparkling and colourful nail paints is truly what we aim for. Let’s not deny the fact that you are crazy behind great nail colors since the very fact that you landed up on this page says it all. Worry not since it’s not an unusual fetish that we girls indulge ourselves in. For me it’s totally natural and I’m sure for most of you’ll too because let’s face it, who doesn’t like the wonders of pretty Nail polishes? However, one must also consider the fact that as much as we love to collect these pretty little shades in great proportions, it also becomes a little nerve-racking to arrange the chaos it creates.Just the thought of organising the large mess in your drawer or your dressing table might turn overwhelming, but have no reason to panic since I will give you certain ideas to make your selection more precise and user-friendly! So next time when you are in a hurry to leave for an occasion and had to swim under the colorful ocean, you’d be more than happy to do that, since you would easily find your shade. Salon Wall Rack I know most of you’ll simply admire the professional racks of handy acrylic nail polish seen at exquisite salons. Trust me it’s not untouchable. You can easily order them online. Some might consider it over the top or too much for humble abode, but nope! It’s totally cool and normal to maintain your lively collection. The biggest advantage is that they do not cover lot of space and can be assembled in the easiest way. Besides, who would say no to the feeling of personal house spa? Right? Dessert Tray Definitely a distinctive and very cute way to display your magnificent nail paints. A dessert tray of three or two tiered which can be found in a garage or thrift store or kitchen goods store or perhaps most easily online can be a suitable option for many. Get hold of Vintage Train Case If you want to get more sophisticated and want these tiny things to stay aloof then Vintage Train Case is really a cool option. Flea markets or thrift stores are nice sources to try, Etsy too is a great way to get your hands on this perfect case. Moreover your portable collection will prove it to you that you actually made the right decision. Dividing Antique Styled File Cabinet Though happens to be a little expensive but one can try their luck again at the garage sale or flea markets which happens to be an awesome uncycled solution. You can experiment by painting it in a more exciting and interesting colors. You can then go ahead by slotting the dividers which will make it easier for you to notice the colors. DIY Rack Let’s get to work if you don’t want to spend much in organising the stuff. Well this means that a homemade case can never go wrong and of course you’d save enough to get yourself some more beautiful nail polishes. Besides you can build more than one rack if you want. Certainly a great storage solution for wide array of collection, moreover it’s functional and customizable! You can check out the videos online to know how to go about it.So these were the few nail art options that you can try to easily manage the varieties of nail colors you own! Mostly because we ladies do not like it messy but rather choose to keep it classy!

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